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"Black does such an excellent job of showing the tigers in the wild and making them seem real, important and wonderfully strange ... It's a pretty impressive recreation of an animal we know very little about."


-THE GUARDIAN on The Last Tiger




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Shortlisted for Not the Booker Prize and the CWA Dagger

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"A gripping, horrifying and well-paced tale of crime fiction." -SHOTS 


"A highly engaging and entertainingly gritty read." -UNDISCOVERED SCOTLAND

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Bob Valentine is back, in HER COLD EYES


Abbie is missing, and her mother knows exactly who is to blame. But nobody is listening.


DCI Bob Valentine soon finds himself immersed in the most harrowing investigation into the Satanic cult that rules over us.

File_000 (6) 04CC6379-D1EB-4AED-A4F6-761F5A1303CD Bay of Martyrs

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Clay Moloney (Book 1)