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"The Last Tiger presents the reader with a unique storyline that takes historical fiction to a new dimension."

                                                                                                      -Col Bailey, author of Shadow of the Thylacine


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"A rare and heartfelt fable of an immigrant boy torn between his fears for an endangered species and the father who's employed to kill off what remains of that breed."

- Paul Sayer, Whitbread-winning author


"It's great, a real departure from the dark arts of crime fiction but a successful one as it creates a genuinely engaging picture of strangers in a strange land, as well as carving a haunting space between historical reality and timeless fable."

-Nick Barlay, Granta 'Best of Young British Novelists'


"In this, his next book, Tony Black demonstrates what a talented and versatile writer he is. We're in Tasmania with a family of immigrants and the father is paid to hunt the very last Tasmanian tiger - and his son is horrified. His prose is at times spare and at times poetic as Tony delivers up a fascinating and moving novel about family ties and the truths we don't want to face."

-Michael Malone, author of The Guillotine Choice


"This book is extraordinary. A bold story and an absolute treat."



"What an absolutely amazing and fascinating tale this was – beautifully written, absolutely captivating and with an emotional resonance that will stick with me forever.'"

-Liz Loves Books


"Very well executed ... Delivered with insight, this tale of society’s outsiders is poignant and moving."

-The Big Issue


"The Last Tiger is Tony Black's most brilliant and resonant novel so far."

-Barry Graham, Winner of the American Library Association book of the year


"Unexpected, moving and magical. A new direction for Tony Black, and a bold one too."

-International bestseller, Emlyn Rees 


"The Last Tiger is beautifully told - the nearest a novel could come to poetry."

-Goodreads, five-star review


"The Last Tiger will bruise your heart and prowl in your mind. A lyrical, mystical masterpiece that should be out there sweeping up awards."

-Creative Novocaine

Shortlisted for Not the Booker Prize